Thursday, June 03, 2010

CJ West

1 - What's your latest?

CJ West: THE END OF MARKING TIME, a thriller about our society after the supreme court releases 2,000,000 felons at the same time.

2 - Assuming I haven't read it, why should I?

CJ West: THE END OF MARKING TIME is a unique look at an ultra-modern criminal justice system. The novel puts you (the reader) in the jury box while Michael O'Connor asks you to spare his life. Mystery surrounds Michael, his fate,and even who he is really telling his story to.

3 - What can you tell us about your main character that you hadn't realized until you answered the question?

CJ West: I wrote a blog post today and realized that Michael O'Connor is the result of years of thought about families, education, and social justice. The first draft burst forth in six short weeks, but the seeds of the story had germinated long before I began pressing the keys.

4 - What's your favorite scene and why?

CJ West: The ending is my favorite part of the book. I remember my excitement when the idea first came to me and when I have talked to readers, I see that same excitement in their eyes when they talk about the ending.

5 - What's next?

CJ West: I'm waiting for news on SIN & VENGEANCE, the movie. In the meantime I'm keeping myself busy writing ADDICTED TO LOVE, which is a love story/thriller due out in 2011.

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Tannia Ortiz-Lopes said...

Short and sweet but informative. That is CJ West interview answers style.

Great interview. Good luck with this new one. Impatiently awaiting for the next Randy Black book.