Monday, June 21, 2010

Blake Crouch

1 - What's your latest?

Blake Crouch: SNOWBOUND, coming June 22nd ... here’s the jacket flap:

For Will Innis and his daughter, Devlin, the loss was catastrophic. Every day for the past five years, they wonder where she is, if she is—Will’s wife, Devlin’s mother—because Rachael Innis vanished one night during an electrical storm on a lonely desert highway, and suspected of her death, Will took his daughter and fled. Now, Will and Devlin live under different names in another town, having carved out a new life for themselves as they struggle to maintain some semblance of a family. When one night, a beautiful, hard-edged FBI agent appears on their doorstep, they fear the worst, but she hasn’t come to arrest Will. “I know you’re innocent,” she tells him, “because Rachael wasn’t the first ... or the last.” Desperate for answers, Will and Devlin embark on a terrifying journey that spans four thousand miles from the desert southwest to the wilds of Alaska, heading unaware into the heart of a nightmare, because the truth is infinitely worse than they ever imagined.

2 - Assuming I haven't read it, why should I?

Blake Crouch: Um, because it’s like, good and stuff? And because you just admitted you hadn’t and should feel very guilty. Also for one scene: see response to question no. 4.

3 - What can you tell us about your main character that you hadn't realized until you answered the question?

Blake Crouch: That his name, Will, is actually my first name (William Blake Crouch).

4 - What's your favorite scene and why?

Blake Crouch: When my psychopath, Javier, goes into a Starbucks to order a simple cup of black coffee and gets stuck in line behind this woman who wants some skinny chai latte bullshit drink. It’s my favorite scene because I love how Javier handles the situation, and wish I could do the same. Of course, I would probably spend the rest of my life in prison if I did.

5 - What's next?

Blake Crouch: A novella in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and a super-secret collaboration project coming mid-summer.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

ABANDON was a great read. I'll be sure to snag a copy of SNOWBOUND tomorrow.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

Hey Patrick,

At least you don't have to worry about snowbound yourself tomorrow, not if the weather is anything like today.