Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Naomi Hirahara

1 - What's your latest?

Naomi Hirahara: BLOOD HINA, my fourth Mas Arai mystery, was available on March 2, 2010.

2 - Assuming I haven't read it, why should I?

Naomi Hirahara: If you like tales of an everyman layered with history, you might enjoy Blood Hina.

3 - What can you tell us about your main character that you hadn't realized until you answered the question?

Naomi Hirahara: More than being defined by his ethnicity or age, he's a regular bloke who wants a little more out of life.

4 - What's your favorite scene and why?

Naomi Hirahara: One of the last action scenes, because I get a kick out of picturing an eightysomething man with a deadly weapon.

5 - What's next?

Naomi Hirahara: The fifth in the series. This time it's all about baseball. I hope that I can pull it off.

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