Monday, May 03, 2010

Earlene Fowler

1 - What's your latest?

Earlene Fowler:  State Fair

2 - Assuming I haven't read it, why should I?

Earlene Fowler:  Because everyone loves the fair, even when someone is murdered.

3 - What can you tell us about your main character> that you hadn't realized until you answered the question?

Earlene Fowler: She wishes she had brown eyes.

4 - What's your favorite scene and why?

Earlene Fowler:  Whenever she gets to eat some crazy deep fried food, like pickles or Oreos. Because I like writing and reading about junk food.

5 - What's next?
Earlene Fowler:  Spider Web (No actual spiders are involved...not even fried ones)

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